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Why EBY is the Best in Seamless


Ever wonder what separates Empowered By You’s seamless panty from the rest?

Created in the award-winning UN-sanctioned MAS Holdings manufacturer in Sri Lanka, our product is made for women by women. MAS Intimates’ work closely with more than 145 national athletes and with brands like Calvin Klein and Athleta to create innovative, wearable technology.

EBY’s panty is created with amazing, patented flocking technology that prevents the edges from digging into your skin, allowing the fabric to sit smooth and flat on your hips throughout the day. Our moisture wicking fabric creates a quick-dry breathable panty. Even when your day feels like it has gone array, you can count on your panties to stay right in place 🙂

Finally, to allow for a truly seamless fit, our fused seam sides make the underwear invisible under your favorite yoga pants or little black dress. With EBY, during after work drinks your only focus can be on drinking water between your martini’s and not wondering if someone can see your panty lines!

Alex Silver-Fagan: Empowered By Experience

We are stoked to feature Alex Silver-Fagan’s story of empowerment! Read her words below and check her out on Instagram at @AlexSilverFagan. If you’re not already, follow us @EmpoweredByYou to see what more badass women like Alex are empowered by!


Life is a series of experiences. Some days better than others, some days worse. Some days you wish would never end, and some days you wish you could forget. But that’s where most go wrong. We should never want to forget anything we’ve gone through. Because it’s these defining moments that shape us into the individuals we are meant to be.

Not only is regret a waste of time, but it is also a waste of energy. Energy that can instead be spent in a positive light, working to move forward. And if we are willing, we must first accept our experiences for what they are: experiences.
I am Alex Silver-Fagan, and if you couldn’t tell by now: I am Empowered By Experience.
Most don’t know this about me but I have 4 tattoos. And when I’m asked what they mean or stand for, I always say “they’re chapter markers.” Just like we can’t undo anything we go through in life, my tattoos are permanent. These experiences leave marks and my tattoos are a tangible reflection. We all have chapter marking tattoos, mine I just chose to show through ink.
Now don’t confuse empowerment with definition. Often people make this mistake and define themselves by the things they go through in life. While we are certainly products of our experiences, if we let them simply define us we are limiting ourself. It’s not the experience that creates you, it’s what you do with the experience and if you use it as a source of growth, awareness, and insight or instead let it take control.
This is what I used to do. I used to let my experiences and events in my life have all the power. I’d let situations affect me and react intensely, rather than analyzing, digesting, and responding with a clear mind. I constantly struggle with this, as do we all.
What’s helped me the most to accept experiences and react lightly is yoga. I found yoga my sophomore year of college and started taking classes 3x a week. At the time my practice was in an effort to start letting go of someone in my life that most people never need to let go of. I was committed to shielding myself from negativity for good and only allowing positive people and experiences in my life. But coincidentally, I was aiming my energy at the wrong thing. Instead of trying to control the people in my life, I should’ve been controlling how I handled them.
We are fortunate that we have no true control of the path and the people the universe has set up for us. I say fortunately because these are the moments that empower us. How we react. How we respond. How we live. And thus, we must respond lightly.
Recently I watched an interview of Ronda Rousey. It was her first since losing the title fight to Holly Holms in December, a massive loss for her career and without a doubt a chapter marking experience in her life. After describing her thoughts in the hospital room after the fight, Ronda spoke strongly through tears and said,  “Being defeated is a choice. Everyone has losses in their life but I choose to always be undefeated.”
We choose the outcome. Life hands us options and we choose how to handle them. Sometimes it’s a losing a fight, sometimes it’s a life threatening illness, sometimes it’s an addiction, sometimes it’s a parent who chooses not to love, or sometime’s it’s a broken heart. Whatever it may be, we choose how to react and we CHOOSE to be empowered by our experience.
Shit happens. Both good and bad. Be grateful to move on and be excited for how you’ll turn out on the other end.
Be empowered. Don’t be defeated.

Valentine’s Day Give Back Guide: Empowered by Purpose

Are you in a last minute scramble for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one? Look no further. Empowered By You’s gift guide has you covered. If you love someone who loves purpose, shower her in these gifts that give back:

Flowers– Organic Bouquet’s Women for Women Orange RosesWomen-for-Women-2.jpg Not only are the flowers ecofriendly, but 5% of the cost is donated to Women for Women International—a nonprofit organization that supports women in war-torn regions rebuilding their lives with financial and emotional support, job skills training and education. Plus, red roses are so mainstream.

JewelrySatya Jewelry
eg352 Satya, which means “truth” in Sanskrit, encourages each jewelry wearer to find their individual truth. From the Gold Lotus Studs ($39.00) to the Wisdom of the Stars White Topaz Necklace ($99), the handcrafted Satya Jewelry has a piece to celebrate every woman’s truth! As if this wasn’t enough, proceeds are donated to children’s causes throughout the world! Win win win.

UnderwearEmpowered By Youunspecified-1Why stop now? Complete the night with a pair of Empowered By You panties that are sure to seal the deal. Not only will they seamlessly fit whatever look she rocks, but 20% of the profits empower women via microfinance. Don’t miss your chance to win karma points—we know you need them 😉 Empower your woman, empower women everywhere.

Rebecca Minkoff x Empowered By You

With great spirit and cheer (just in time for the holidays) we are proud to announce our newest partner, Rebecca Minkoff! Chiefly known for her in demand bags and on trend insights, the designer teamed up with us to create a powerful three panty set to add to her growing modern apparel line.

The unique and exclusive Rebecca Minkoff designs come in a sleek and eco-friendly box, perfect for stuffing stockings or pairing with a latka. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving with 20% of net profits going toward empowering women out of poverty and into business via microfinance. Something you can feel good in and feel good about!

The perfectly packed trio hits Rebecca Minkoff in stores and mid-late November 2015, retailing at $65.00. Treat a friend or treat yourself!


We’re Urging Women to Love Themselves

I recently watched a TED Talk with Meaghan Ramsey, the Global Director of Dove’s Self-Esteem Project, in which she discusses some shocking— and definitely unpleasant— statistics about women. The title: “Why Thinking You’re Ugly is Bad For You.” Sounds like a no-brainer, right? How could poor self-image possibly be healthy? But that doesn’t stop 10,000 individuals from Google-searching, Am I Ugly?, each month.  

According to Ms. Ramsey, insecurities and low self-esteem related to outward appearance, especially body size, cause women to retreat from opportunity. They refrain from class participation, fearing unwanted gazes at their bodies, they stop engaging in their athletic activities, and women even skip their job interviews, worrying too much about the way they look. These three things all have something in common— they are sparked by our belief that others are judging us. We need to shift this paradigm. We all breakdown, constantly worrying about how we appear in the eyes of others— it’s inevitable in our human makeup, but we need to realize that beauty is more personal than that. It starts from within. While it’s hard to shake, we spend too much time obsessing about the way others perceive us and rely too heavily on our peers’ opinions.

In the ever-growing digital world, trending hashtags on Instagram within the younger female demographic include disgusting phrases like #thighgap and #thinspiration, encouraging girls to scrutinize themselves and their bodies, paving the way for self-hate.  Here at Empowered By You, it’s our mission to make women appreciate their beauty and abilities. We need women to love themselves, to realize that beauty is more than skin deep, so forget #thinspiration. We’re replacing that garbage with #empoweredby on all our Instagram posts, and we urge you to do the same.

We have recently started selling Empowered By You panties in Equinox gyms across the country. With our performance-based fabric catered to athleticism, women feel empowered while they work out, fulfilling our motto: Inner Armor for Outer Strength. Exercise can be a great outlet for stress. When I’m running on the treadmill after a busy week, I can almost feel my anxieties dripping away with my sweat. When I play in a volleyball game, my mind shifts toward the competition; I’m no longer thinking about how I look in my uniform, but how I’m going to position my body so that I can have the perfect form to hit the ball. My body becomes a tool, rather than a spectacle.

Empowered By You also focuses on the message: Whatever Empowers You, Empowers Women Everywhere. We want women to be mentors for others— that’s why we’ve started what we call The Paradigm Shifter Program with sorority girls across the country. The main component to this involves hosting small meetings for 8-10 girls, where they describe their breakdown moments and how it paved the way to a major breakthrough. In doing so, girls connect and feel united instead of comparing themselves to each other and worrying about how others perceive them. Ultimately, here at EBY, we love female empowerment, and with the rise of self-doubt and insecurity among women nowadays, we need to constantly figure out ways to help them see their full potential. That is our mission.

All-Female Universities Start to Shift the Paradigm

Nearly a week ago, Ruth Padawer for The New York Times wrote an article titled, “When Women Become Men at Wellesley,” highlighting the current controversy over accepting, both physically and emotionally, transgendered males into the all-female university. Right now, about twenty-four Wellesley students identify either as male or as genderqueer, meaning they may not classify themselves as male or female. Earlier this year in the spring, a transgendered male named Timothy ran for a student government position. This met a lot of backlash; students created Facebook groups that rallied to evict him from the ballot— a ‘Campaign to Abstain’. This stemmed from the belief that men shouldn’t hold leadership positions at a women’s university.

This argument is two-fold. On the one hand, trans students can argue that gender-focused universities epitomize the desire to breakdown traditional gender classifications, but on the other hand, Wellesley is founded on female empowerment, so a lot of the students believe females should fill these leadership roles. However, whether you agree with it or not, by infiltrating their current student body with transgender and genderqueer individuals, it cannot be denied that Wellesley is successfully shifting the paradigm for students of all orientations— something that needs to be applauded.

Wellesley is becoming a safe haven, a community where students find their place. This NYT article narrates a few different stories where individuals began their schooling at Wellesley as women, but later discovered that they were meant to be men. One example that demonstrates this is the story of Jesse Austin, who said that he “‘figured if I was any kind of woman, I’d find it there. I knew Wellesley would have strong women. They produce a ton of strong women, strong in all sorts of ways.’”

In admitting more than just females to their university, Wellesley is shifting the paradigm on what acceptance means, helping to abolish exclusion. A great phrase taken from the Times’ article, stated that “as a marginalized group fighting for respect and clout, how could women justify marginalizing others?” It seems so utterly obvious that women, who are currently fighting for equality, should hold the same standards for themselves (let’s take a look at the ‘Golden Rule’: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you). This idea of acceptance is an important one, especially following Emma Watson’s revolutionary HeForShe UN speech, in which she asked both men and women to take a stance against gender discrimination together.

Shifting the paradigm is all about paving the way for an enlightening breakthrough after what may have seemed like a major breakdown. As I just stated, several transgendered men were a bit unsure about who they were, or where their place was (as defined by gender roles), until they came to Wellesley. They were experiencing breakdowns over their identity, but when they were accepted to Wellesley— that was their breakthrough. They discovered themselves, and knew who they were meant to be. That is powerful, and Wellesley is to thank for that. Wellesley is helping turn these individuals’ weaknesses into strength.

If the world starts to become more united solely as human beings, rather than based on outdated gender conventions, we will all be more empowered. Empowered to be ourselves, to accept ourselves for who we are. While Wellesley should remain true to its feminist roots and foundation, welcoming all different types of individuals is fostering a loving, communal environment, one that we admire here at Empowered By You because of this idea of supporting each other. How do you feel about what Wellesley and other female universities are doing? Post your comments below.

[follow this link to read the full article:]

Emma Watson’s UN Speech: A Transformational View on Feminism

This morning I watched UN Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson deliver her thought-provoking speech on gender equality to the UN for the third time []. If you haven’t yet heard about this speech, you’ve obviously been living under a rock, but if you just haven’t had fourteen minutes to spare to watch the video, then that’s O.K. because I’m going to highlight the main takeaways for you right here.

#1 HeForShe To Unite Both Men and Women:   

-Emma Watson is launching a campaign titled “HeForShe,” for which men and women join forces, creating a partnership to end gender inequality.

Why is this important? Because feminism is a blurry concept, often mistaken as women’s desire to rise up against men to become the dominant sex. To quote Emma, “fighting for women’s rights has too often been synonymous with man-hating.” This idea only creates a divide, making gender equality a difficult obstacle to overcome. Men and women need to diminish this separation, and in doing so, empower each other.

#2 Let’s Redefine ‘Feminism’:

-Women constantly decide not to consider themselves feminists because it is an ugly word.

Why is this important? Emma Watson has restated what feminism truly is: gender equality. People ought not be so quick to reject a term they don’t fully understand the meaning of. The women’s movement fought for rights years ago, and we should continue this progression towards equality by accepting what feminism truly means!

#3 Men Are Stereotyped, Just Like Women:

-Gender inequality does not solely target women. Gender stereotypes negatively affect both males and females.

Why is this important? Emma points out that men are imprisoned as well, due to fear of inadequacy, their insecurity due to “distorted views of what constitutes male success.” It’s important for men to seek equality as well, to free themselves from ideas that they must remain tough and in control at all times. Because if they do this, Watson points out, then women will consequently experience changes naturally, as well.

This was a revolutionary speech. In asking men to join the feminist movement, she’s shifting the paradigm. The fear associated with the idea of feminism— fear for men that women are trying to dominate them, and fear for women to call themselves feminists due to men’s harsh reactions— can be dissolved if both men and women are uniting to take action. She’s shifting the idea of Girl Power into Girl (Em)Power(ed), because that’s what women are striving for—not to be in power, but to be empowered. Empowered By You founder, Renata Black, truly believes that on the other side of fear is success. If both genders can move past the fear associated with feminism, women will face greater progression toward equality- a success we are determined to reach soon! So here at Empowered By You, we are saying a huge “Rock On!” to Emma Watson for shifting what it means to be willing to fight for women’s rights!

Empowered By: Underwear As Inner Armor

“You don’t have to be with your boyfriend to wear this kind of stuff. It’s the kind of stuff that’s so comfortable and light. It’s empowering for women, I think.” This was Britney Spears’ description about her new lingerie line, Intimate Britney Spears. When Leandra Medine, “The Man Repeller,” posted on her blog that she prefers granny panties to lacy thongs, one of her followers commented, saying that she believes “undergarments are the building blocks of your entire outfit. They should make you feel sexy, confident, and ready to take on the world… Even if I’m hiding under a more conservative outfit, it makes me feel even sexier knowing I have a secret on underneath.” You know the childhood rhyme: secrets secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone? Well, keeping underwear secret, as an inner armor, is fun, because it denotes a personal choice has been made— by the wearer, and for the wearer. And choice is empowering.

But think back to primary school, where dress codes were enforced. You were probably told that skirts must touch your knees or that denim is only allowed on “jeans days.” What about when you were in high school? If you wanted to dye your hair pink, you were out of luck. Are you working in an office now? Look around. What is everyone wearing? Probably similar navy blue blazers, right? On TV we see sports players donning the same jerseys, just with different numbers emblazoned in the center, and in the Middle East, we see Muslim women concealing themselves in cloaks called Jilbab and scarves called Hijab. So do we actually get the complete freedom of choice when we get dressed?

Not entirely, but there is one component of our daily wardrobes that we, the individual wearers, have the power to decide on: underwear. When we slip on our favorite fuchsia panties, we are making a conscious decision based on what makes us feel confident, sexy, feminine, or even comfortable. We feel empowered. We can make the choice between rainbow striped boy shorts and the black lacy thong. Renata Black, the founder of Empowered By You, was featured in an article on Scoop NYC’s online blog, where she was asked to answer five proposed questions. Number three asked, “what is one thing every woman should have in her closet?” Her answer? “A pair of intimates that you wear into a business meeting and only you know you have it on and that is all that matters— inner armor for outer strength.” Inner armor for outer strength. That is empowerment, that is Empowered By You.

Connecting Women Worldwide at Empowered By You


Julie--Seven Bar Foundation

For businesses today, authenticity is key to the foundation of their brand. Authenticity is story-telling, passion, and sticking to the brand’s original foundation; these are at the heart of the Empowered By You label, which aims to form a connection with consumers. Visit the Empowered By You website. You will see an “About Us” dropdown. Click on “The Mission,” and then again on the “2013 Campaign” for the Seven Bar Foundation. Photographs of beautiful women with white words painted on their unclothed bodies, captioned with their names, a challenge they face, and what empowers them. For example, Julie suffers, like most of us, from self-doubt, so when she can see her beauty and love herself, that compassion spreads to her relationships with others; this empowers her. In a creative writing class I once took, we were workshopping each other’s stories, and my professor said, “the more personal and descriptive you make your story, the easier it is to relate to.”

What’s more personal than vulnerability? Perhaps a great flaw in humanity is protection— protection from judgment, protection from emotion— and that’s why we stay so guarded. We want to be strong. We don’t want our barriers broken down, our suffering visible to others, our pain unleashed. But it’s authentic to be raw and real, to admit your insecurities, to struggle and admire imperfection. This is what forms a connection. Because what woman truly loves everything about the way she looks? We are all Julie’s, but only some of us are brave enough to admit it, to reveal our insecurities. But if Julie verbalizes these self-doubts, I can too, and so can you, and that makes us similar in a way, doesn’t it? We feel empowered because we are not alone in our struggles.

Empowered By You also connects you to these women on an economic level. When you buy an EBY thong, you immediately become connected to a woman in poverty who is striving to form a business, because 20% of the money you just spent goes to the microfinance funds. Even the label in your panties reminds you of your help: Empowered BY YOU! So while you feel empowered that your money is making a difference, a woman in India is feeling empowered because the fund has just allowed her to start a business. And this will go even further and empower her children by lifting them out of the poverty level. The Empowered By You mission— What Empowers You, Empowers Women Everywhere— is at the heart of the brand. The goal to connect women worldwide by hearing their stories, forming a connection, and funding their efforts is inherent and builds the authenticity that we stand for here at EBY.