What the heck is an entrepreneur?

Black and other panelists discussing female empowerment at Georgetown's "Own It" summit.
Black and other panelists discussing female empowerment at Georgetown’s “Own It” summit.

College students at Harvard University Business School and Georgetown University recently got an education in empowerment and entrepreneurship. Empowered by You’s Renata Black traveled to Harvard and Georgetown to speak to students about social enterprise and female empowerment. As a member of a panel at Harvard’s “Social Enterprise Conference,” Black and other founders of female empowerment organizations answered the question their work is dedicated to answering: how can business empower women? Georgetown’s “Own It: The 2014 Inaugural Guwil Summit” discussed how to create the next generation of female leaders. Female innovators such as NBC’s Maria Shriver, Bloomberg News’ Jeanne Cummings, Ambassador Melanne Verveer and political analyst and former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers attended and spoke at the event as well. Check out more empowered women that work to empower women everywhere on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/empoweredbyyou

Renata Black speaks about her Seven Bar Foundation at Harvard's "Social Enterprise Conference."
Renata Black speaks about her Seven Bar Foundation at Harvard’s “Social Enterprise Conference.”

Vivienne Tam is empowered by: her creative vision.

photo1Fashion designer Vivienne Tam is fearless.  An oppressive Chinese government censoring her designs and U.S. businesses assuming China only embodied cheap fabric manufacturing and not fashion design did not keep her from designing clothes. She continued knocking on the doors of clothing stores throughout NYC to sell her work. She refused to compromise her signature “East Meets West” style, even when others said her designs were controversial and her China-inspired products wouldn’t sell. She was empowered by her dream to be a fashion designer. Now, Tam is sending models down the runway and working to fight poverty in China.


Check out how Vivienne made the seemingly impossible possible in her interview with Empowered by You on the Huffington Post:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/renata-m-black/on-staying-true-to-self_b_5106840.html


Ways to Feel Empowered Each Day

empowerWhat motivates you? What drives you each and every day? What empowers you? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, there are easy steps you can take every day to feel more empowered. Take note of what’s working in your life and what small changes you can implement that will make a positive impact. The consistent small actions add up and often lead to amazing results by year-end. Below are some tips to feeling empowered.

1. Be The CEO of You Inc.
Self-empowerment, in its simplest form, means taking charge of your own life- in your work place, with your colleagues, with your subordinates, with your superiors, with your body, with your illness and for your caring of yourself. You Inc. represents all the different areas of your life including Career, Relationships, Finances, Healthy Living, Fun and Creativity, and Personal Growth. You need to invest in and be mindful of each of the areas to present your best self on a daily basis. You Inc. is the most important business you will run because it’s your life and you need to take an active role in all the decisions.

2. Assess Your Words
Being “positive” is important and makes a difference. You limit your potential when you embrace negative words and beliefs. Our mindset defines what we believe is possible and impossible. So if we continue to reinforce that starting a new business, running a 10k race, or finding a job is impossible then that’s the song that runs through our mind.

3. Set a Goal That Matters
This seems like an obvious one but so many people either do not set goals, set vague goals, do not take action on their goals or set goals that are important but not a priority. The amazing part about goals is when you set a goal that genuinely excites you and is a top priority in your life, you are focused and motivated on a daily basis. It adds that spark to your life and gives you a purpose when you start your day.

Empowered By You was launched with a unique but vital mission: to give women stylish and empowering Designer Panties that can also benefit underprivileged women from around the world. For more information, please email us at connect@empoweredbyyou.com.

Empowered by SCOOP Launch Event A Huge Success!


On March 17th, Empowered by You launched our first retail collaboration with Scoop NYC with a line of Empowered by Scoop NYC seamless underwear. We were so pleased and excited that we organized an event celebrating this momentous occasion, as well as Women’s History Month, that took place last week- it was a huge success! At our peak we sold 1 panty every two minutes! We were also thrilled and honored to be joined by Susan Davidson, the CEO of SCOOP, and eternally grateful to our friends who made it out for our incredible cause.

The Designer Panties will retail at $22 for our thong style and $26 for our brief style, available in five colors. Just swing by SCOOP NYC’s SoHo and Meatpacking District stores. The special design of our panties includes a patented silicone flocking technology and side-seam fusion technique that prevents slippage and imparts smoothness to ensure a steady wear.

Twenty percent of net sales is donated to the Seven Bar Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides loans to women worldwide to get them out of poverty and into business via microfinancing. In fact, one of our microfinance recipients, JOY, was at the event, providing our guests with delicious cupcakes from her thriving business.

Ultimately, we aim to contribute up $1 million to this cause by 2015. You can learn more about the Empowered by You cause and the Seven Bar Foundation at the About Us section, which includes an educational video on how microfinance helps recipients, information about the Seven Bar Foundation’s latest campaign for 2013, and see inspiring testimonials by the accomplished and empowered women who have benefited for conscientious buyers like you.

For any questions or feedbacks, please email us at connect@empoweredbyyou.com.