What are you empowered by?

jKUqm3XlZgA5bHQ-lIALljslNnxFSdpVjfvLqnGwznQFellow lingerie connoisseur The Lingerie Addict published a post a while back about something Empowered By You has been fascinated with for quite some time – the difference between the way Europeans and Americans see lingerie. Here in the US, it seems women care more about practicality. But in Europe, women often match their bra and underwear and there are seemingly lingerie shops on every corner. According to The Lingerie Addict, lingerie designers in Europe and the US are focused on different things – we care about comfort, while they care about art and innovation. Check out the original post here: http://www.thelingerieaddict.com/2010/08/do-american-women-hate-lingerie.html

The difference between women in different places is stark, but Empowered By You aims to embrace that difference. Each pair of underwear beckons the wearer to ask themselves the question “What am I empowered by?,” and the answer is ultimately different for every woman in every stage of her life. Our underwear empowers women by anything that makes them feel empowered – whether it’s by feeling sexy wearing their yellow thong with a matching yellow bra or the freedom of not having to worry about panty lines.

There are millions of different ways to think about your underwear (now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write, but a true one nonetheless). But that doesn’t mean that some people’s visions are more empowering than others. Just as women have different opinions about their underwear, they have different things that empower them in their everyday lives. On the streets of New York City, we asked women what they were empowered by and each of them had a very different answer. We believe that what empowers you empowers women everywhere. How do you see lingerie, and what empowers you on a daily basis?

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Empowered by You is Empowered by Deepak

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 1.27.08 PMDeepak Chopra’s mission to help people and his ability to do hundreds of things at once makes us suspect he’s Super Man. He’s a medical physician, an innovator of business, inspirational public speaker, advocate of spiritual wellbeing and has authored more than 65 books. It all just doesn’t seem possible for a mere mortal. Empowered by You was lucky enough to sit down and speak with Deepak about everything from the importance of inventive entrepreneurs in business to how he is incapable of having a bad day. Check out the rest of what he had to say during our interview on the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/renata-m-black/deepak-chopra-on-the-futu_b_5588250.html

Three reasons why Empowered by You is the only panty you’ll ever need.



There are already a million things to worry about. Did you feed the cat before you went to work? How are you going to impress your boss to get that promotion? When is the rent due again? That’s why Empowered by You offers a problem-free panty that helps solves women’s problems around the world at the same time.

They stay put.

  • Empowered by You panties are equipped with one-of-a-kind flocking technology that keeps your underwear in place. So they don’t ride, no matter how you’re moving or what you’re wearing.


They’re totally seamless.

  • You hate panty lines. But you have a really cute pencil skirt you want to wear to work tomorrow and a great pair of leather pants for a cocktail date Friday night. We’ve got you covered with a thong that gives you all the comfort without all the lines.

K-4K6b4yVE_tZMG1Oj95hM7I0fU1hc4yR5ewVkiKLD8They empower women everywhere.

  • With each purchase of an Empowered By You panty, money is donated to microfinance organizations that lend funds to female entrepreneurs all over the world to help them finance their businesses.

Who Runs the World? Smart Girls!


Renata Black – Empowered By You’s awesome founder – spoke to smart girls in high school and college today at the Smart Girls conference at Fordham University in Lincoln Center.  One aspect of empowering women everywhere is giving them a shoulder to lean on, which is exactly what the Smart Girls Group strives to do – its an organization that gives young women the tools they need to succeed in life in a sisterhood environment. Speakers at the event talked about everything from blogging about feminism to the empowering experiences they’ve had throughout their lives and careers. Renata shared stories about her time in India after college, where she spent time with women in villages. It inspired her to learn microfinance and use it as a way to help women pull themselves out of poverty. With Empowered By You, seamless panties made Renata’s dream of helping other women become a reality. What advice would you give to young women trying to fulfill their dreams?


EBY is so…”Cool”


The Manhattan retail space STORY, which has shaken up retail as we know it for its uniqueness and inventiveness, is now featuring Empowered By You panties. The space has become a retail sensation and has been featured in Elle, The New York Times and Fast Company because of its innovation and deviation from common retail approaches. The store takes on the point of view of a magazine, changes and displays its products like a gallery and sells things like a store. Every four to eight weeks, the space takes advantage of merchandise, store design, layout and accessories to totally reinvent itself, embracing the act of telling a new “story” within its walls. So far, the space has shared fourteen different stories, from “New York” to “Wellness” to today’s “Cool.”


While everyone and everything has a story, there is no universal definition of what a story is or how it is to be told. That said, the current story embraces anything that can affiliate with being “cool,” both figuratively and literally. The Empowered By You panty has been considered worthy of being placed in the space for its innovative design as well as its empowering motives. At Empowered By You, we value STORY because the space shares our ambition for shifting paradigms: it takes the mundane act of selling a product and making it fun, engaging and creative. It supports not only consumers with cool products, but new brands that hope to obtain product recognition.

So for those of you living in the great city of New York, we encourage you to make a stop into STORY for a good taste of innovation. The space is hip, modern, fun, cool (…ahem)  and it’s creative. Be empowered by its innovation.