Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day! ❤

It’s the week after the oh-so-love-filled Valentine’s Day and now we can’t show some love anymore, right? Wrong. Since when do we need a holiday based off a saint who, fun fact, had nothing to do with love in the first place to celebrate love?

This is why I propose an idea: Anti-Valentine’s Day! Now before you get all in my business talking about, “What’s wrong with Valentine’s Day? Why are you against it? You must be single and bitter!” Chill. This is in no way an attack on Valentine’s Day, but rather a shift in the ways we show love. Think of it like how Empowered By You is in a lot of ways the anti-underwear; we’re not sitting here selling hats! We’re shifting the way we view underwear that promotes empowerment of the self, which then empowers others. The same goes for Anti-Valentine’s Day.

Anti-Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday. It’s any day that’s not Valentine’s Day where you embody the spirit of Donna and Tom (Parks and Rec’ anyone?), and show a little love to yourself. I encourage all my empowered girls out there to treat themselves this week. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to show some love.

Here are just a few ways to treat yo’self today (and anyday):

  1. Send yourself some flowers and sweets.

This is a task some people feel is reserved for a significant other to do, but if I learned anything from Clueless (you can learn a lot from Clueless), it’s that you don’t need a guy to send you flowers and chocolate. Sure, Cher was trying to look desirable (added bonus) in front a boy, but she still got to reap the benefits having a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a wrapped box of chocolate hand-delivered to her in front of her classmates. It’s like finally getting something in the mail that you ordered online—sure you bought it for yourself, but it still feels like a opening a present around the winter holidays.

And you can never have too much. A friend of mine bragged about how she buys herself an infant-sized box of assorted sweets every year around Valentine’s Day, whether she’s single or not. And the best part about buying that giant box of candy post-V-Day? Di-iscoooounts!

  1. Buy yourself some cute underwear!

If you’ve been following Empowered By You, you should know by now that wearing cute or sexy lingerie isn’t just about looking hot for someone else, it’s about feeling empowered to empower others. What you’re wearing can change the way you carry yourself and how you view yourself. There’s something really magical about slipping into a new pair of underwear that fits just right. So go out, get that cute lingerie set or that sexy bra you’ve been eyeing, and feel amazing.

  1. Leave yourself little notes or gifts to find throughout the day.

This is kind of in the same vein as sending yourself flowers and does a similar job, but it lasts throughout the whole day! Leave a note on your mirror in big pink letters, “You are loved”. Leave yourself that necklace you’ve been eyeing or a giant teddy bear wrapped neatly at your desk at work or in your mailbox. Get creative! No one knows what’ll brighten your mood better than you do. Like big public displays of affection? Hire someone to shower you in rose petals and sing your favorite love-filled song (I’m rooting for “What is Love?” You could get them to do that funny little head-bob dance from that one commercial ages ago while they serenade you and shower with flowers). Love little messages that make you smile? Set up alarms or reminders on your phone every few hours with some positive words of self-love (a “Damn, you look good!” here, a “You’re a babe!” there). Have fun with it; you’ve got complete control.

  1. Use all that good energy you gained from treating yourself and pay it forward.

I know, I know. I’ve been going on and on about how Anti-Valentine’s Day is a time to be selfish, but there’s something really rewarding about reaching out and spreading the love to someone who may not be getting it. Just because you’re a tough cookie and know that self-love is the best kind of love doesn’t mean that your single friend or that girl who just moved to the city are on the same page. Take all of that self-love and spread it.

Give one of the roses you sent yourself to the security guard that lets you into school or work everyday. It feels good to know that a person whose only interaction with you is a simple “Good morning” or “Thank you” is thinking about you, even if its shown through a gesture as simple as a handing them a flower. Write meaningful letters to your closest friends and family (especially the one’s who might be feeling down). Fill it with inside jokes, excessive flattery, embarrassingly funny stories, the hottest pictures of their celebrity crushes, and, of course, constant reminders of how loved they are. Make someone else feel as good about themselves as you’re letting yourself feel today.

I guess the general idea here is that it’s always a good idea to take care of you. Everyone should feel good about themselves and sometimes that means treating yourself every once in a while. So go out and celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day. The possibilities are truly endless, so have fun; you deserve it.

Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day! ❤