Go Shorty Go and EBY Team Up to Empower Petites

We’re thrilled to lend our support to Go Shorty Go, A Photo Campaign Highlighting Petite Women Through Fitness.

Go Shorty Go was born out of Sage Kirwan’s frustrations at the lack of petite women represented in the media and fashion industries. Sage has interned for us and started the first Paradigm Shifter group at NYU. Through her photo campaign, she hopes to display the beauty of petite women in all their diverse shapes and sizes, through the medium of fitness.

“This campaign seeks to showcase the strength of the women we photographed and prove that #petiteispowerful. We have all these tall, slim models ingratiated in every fashion ad and Hollywood ideal. While all women are beautiful, it is time to recognize that many ladies proudly stand at 5’5″ or shorter.”

Go Shorty Go seeks to change the way women view their body and beauty ideals. Through a collaboration with Empowered by You, GSG’s first photoshoot featured petite models wearing EBY underwear, helping draw attention to both the causes of microfinance for women in poverty and showcasing vibrant petite women. The photos show real women with real bodies, who are happy, healthy, intelligent and beautiful. To keep in line with Empowered by You’s social campaign, each model chose a word or phrase that empowers her. The results? A totally fresh look on the the women who were told they could never be models, never reach the top shelf and never intimidate anyone. Because as Shakespeare wrote, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Check out all of the images at www.goshortygo.com and follow them on Instagram @gsg_campaign.
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