final mariaThree Questions with Maria Mukankubana:

Q: I understand you own a thriving eatery, “a favorite among locals.” Can you tell us your story to success?

Honestly, initially I couldn’t find work anywhere. I was pregnant and unemployed. I looked and applied to countless places being rejected at everyone. But I would not accept failure. I joined an Opportunity International Trust Group and worked incredibly hard. After opening my eatery I was able to quadruple my family’s monthly income.

Q: That’s incredible. What were the biggest changes you noticed after your business took off?

Well, I experienced a lot of changes. I went from feeling worried to having this security I had never had before. I gained a lot of independence and respect–most notably from my husband.

Q: What’re you looking forward to in the future?

I’m excited to see how my business grows. I’m thrilled I can provide an education and housing for this future baby and I’m so excited to raise my baby in a household where there is a real partnership and mutual respect.