Hump Day? Watch This.

Here at Empowered By You we are on a mission to shift the paradigm. Our purposeful, high technology underwear has changed the means of lingerie from a tool of objectification to empowerment. The way we run our business is a paradigm shifter in itself; instead of cutting corners and prioritizing profits we have created a product that preforms at the highest level and given it a greater purpose.  We have shifted the perception of breakdowns, choosing to view them as opportunities for our biggest, brightest breakthrough. When asked what is my personal (in progress) paradigm shift I identified confidence; specifically, confidence in my decisions.

In an attempt to shift  my mindset I googeled “Tony Robbins” and watched the attached Ted Talk. Tony Robbins stands tall at six feet seven inches and projects confidence bolstering wisdom, fuel to many well known celebrities such as: Serena Williams, Mother Theresa, Bill Clinton, and Princess Diana. He dismisses the rather cliché title of “life coach” (and the superficial connotations, concerning wealth and appearance, attached to the title); instead, Tony Robbins focuses on “the why” placing destiny in the driver’s hands. “Decision is the ultimate power,” he proclaims, “Is it the beginning or the end. You decide whether the conditions will control you.”

This is terrifying. I’ve lived by “everything happens for a reason” for as long as I can remember. I stay complacent with my conditions, convinced of their unchangeable nature. Robbins states that “decision is the ultimate power”. Personally, I avoid decisions as if they’re the swine flu. Whether it’s simply deciding what restaurant my friends and I will eat at or whether to text that person, apply for that job; I often find myself paralyzed with fear and unable to decide. My indecision is a decision in itself. One that, yes, prevents me from messing up or making a mistake but also prevents me from learning, growing, and living the life I want to live. Tony Robbins inspires the return to purpose, living a life with more meaning and less excuses. My circumstances and past become irrelevant; the only thing that matters is what I decide. Today, I begin creating a more decisive, confident life as a consumer. I decide to use my power of purchase choosing products that make a positive impact. From the underwear I wear to the bag that I sport. My decisions matter. Every single one.