A heartbreaking tragedy…the death of Grace Mukamurenzi’s sister left Grace, not only, with feeling of grief and loss; but, two orphans, twins, aged 13. 

Grace was just an ordinary woman who operated a hair salon called Light. However, the profits from her business and her husband’s job were hardly enough to live on when it was just the two of them. This sudden addition of two more mouths created the unstoppable, admirable Grace Mukamurenzi we know today.

After receiving a loan from Operation Rwanda Trust Group, Wonder Grace not only expanded her salon, generating more profit and saving many women from bad hairstyles, but also purchased piglets–launching a piggery! These two businesses grew rapidly.

This growth supplied Wonder Grace with the means to build a house, open her first savings account, and afford insurance. Wonder Grace also installed electricity in her home; improving security and allowing for more hours for homework and family time. As every superhero does, Grace also makes sure to give back. She shares her personal success by creating jobs, employing two neighbors and currently working towards hiring even more.

A business owner (of two businesses, mind you), mother, and proud wife–we have to wonder, how does she do it all?