Erin Heatherton Talks Insecurities

Former Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton has finally found her voice to speak out about her struggle with body image issues–with the help of Empowered By You!

Posing in a custom shirt from out recently launched T-Shirt campaign, Erin posted two emotional Instagram posts opening up about the pressures of the industry and her newfound desire to help women create the truest versions of themselves.

Erin also quoted our incredible founder Renata Black in the image above of the two badass women! Check out the awesome story in Harper’s Bazaar here!

In the words of Erin, “If you aren’t being true to yourself, then what the fuck is the point.”



Alex Silver-Fagan: Empowered By Experience

We are stoked to feature Alex Silver-Fagan’s story of empowerment! Read her words below and check her out on Instagram at @AlexSilverFagan. If you’re not already, follow us @EmpoweredByYou to see what more badass women like Alex are empowered by!


Life is a series of experiences. Some days better than others, some days worse. Some days you wish would never end, and some days you wish you could forget. But that’s where most go wrong. We should never want to forget anything we’ve gone through. Because it’s these defining moments that shape us into the individuals we are meant to be.

Not only is regret a waste of time, but it is also a waste of energy. Energy that can instead be spent in a positive light, working to move forward. And if we are willing, we must first accept our experiences for what they are: experiences.
I am Alex Silver-Fagan, and if you couldn’t tell by now: I am Empowered By Experience.
Most don’t know this about me but I have 4 tattoos. And when I’m asked what they mean or stand for, I always say “they’re chapter markers.” Just like we can’t undo anything we go through in life, my tattoos are permanent. These experiences leave marks and my tattoos are a tangible reflection. We all have chapter marking tattoos, mine I just chose to show through ink.
Now don’t confuse empowerment with definition. Often people make this mistake and define themselves by the things they go through in life. While we are certainly products of our experiences, if we let them simply define us we are limiting ourself. It’s not the experience that creates you, it’s what you do with the experience and if you use it as a source of growth, awareness, and insight or instead let it take control.
This is what I used to do. I used to let my experiences and events in my life have all the power. I’d let situations affect me and react intensely, rather than analyzing, digesting, and responding with a clear mind. I constantly struggle with this, as do we all.
What’s helped me the most to accept experiences and react lightly is yoga. I found yoga my sophomore year of college and started taking classes 3x a week. At the time my practice was in an effort to start letting go of someone in my life that most people never need to let go of. I was committed to shielding myself from negativity for good and only allowing positive people and experiences in my life. But coincidentally, I was aiming my energy at the wrong thing. Instead of trying to control the people in my life, I should’ve been controlling how I handled them.
We are fortunate that we have no true control of the path and the people the universe has set up for us. I say fortunately because these are the moments that empower us. How we react. How we respond. How we live. And thus, we must respond lightly.
Recently I watched an interview of Ronda Rousey. It was her first since losing the title fight to Holly Holms in December, a massive loss for her career and without a doubt a chapter marking experience in her life. After describing her thoughts in the hospital room after the fight, Ronda spoke strongly through tears and said,  “Being defeated is a choice. Everyone has losses in their life but I choose to always be undefeated.”
We choose the outcome. Life hands us options and we choose how to handle them. Sometimes it’s a losing a fight, sometimes it’s a life threatening illness, sometimes it’s an addiction, sometimes it’s a parent who chooses not to love, or sometime’s it’s a broken heart. Whatever it may be, we choose how to react and we CHOOSE to be empowered by our experience.
Shit happens. Both good and bad. Be grateful to move on and be excited for how you’ll turn out on the other end.
Be empowered. Don’t be defeated.

Conscious Commerce: A Guide to Living Consciously


After years of philanthropic work in Haiti and working alongside multiple charities, actress Olivia Wilde was inspired to join the entrepreneurial movement towards creating sustainable products with purpose. With the help of badass musician Babs Burchfield, Wilde created a one stop shop for living consciously—Conscious Commerce.

Conscious Commerce has collaborated with the likes of Anthropologie and H&M to offer sustainable options that don’t compromise style.

By creating an aggregate of products with purpose on their Instagram, Conscious Commerce is making conscious shopping effortless by featuring companies like Empowered By You!

Check out their post above featuring one of our fav collabs with Rosario Dawson’s line, Studio One Eighty Nine and snag a pair of our panties with a mission!

“It should be shocking when a product isn’t somehow helping the people who made it,” Wilde tweeted. She hopes, eventually, every purchase will have some give back element. That’s something we can get behind. In the words of Olivia and Babs—Thanks for not being an a**hole.

Valentine’s Day Give Back Guide: Empowered by Purpose

Are you in a last minute scramble for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one? Look no further. Empowered By You’s gift guide has you covered. If you love someone who loves purpose, shower her in these gifts that give back:

Flowers– Organic Bouquet’s Women for Women Orange RosesWomen-for-Women-2.jpg Not only are the flowers ecofriendly, but 5% of the cost is donated to Women for Women International—a nonprofit organization that supports women in war-torn regions rebuilding their lives with financial and emotional support, job skills training and education. Plus, red roses are so mainstream.

JewelrySatya Jewelry
eg352 Satya, which means “truth” in Sanskrit, encourages each jewelry wearer to find their individual truth. From the Gold Lotus Studs ($39.00) to the Wisdom of the Stars White Topaz Necklace ($99), the handcrafted Satya Jewelry has a piece to celebrate every woman’s truth! As if this wasn’t enough, proceeds are donated to children’s causes throughout the world! Win win win.

UnderwearEmpowered By Youunspecified-1Why stop now? Complete the night with a pair of Empowered By You panties that are sure to seal the deal. Not only will they seamlessly fit whatever look she rocks, but 20% of the profits empower women via microfinance. Don’t miss your chance to win karma points—we know you need them 😉 Empower your woman, empower women everywhere.

Double Dees empowers Kenyan Women

0727E3C0-A419-4AC0-B665-19F2928BF6ECCAF2AE91-DA58-404C-AD47-32E20E39C024When Stella Langat decided to fix an intimate problem affecting Kenyan women, she wasn’t kidding around. A senior at Skidmore College and a native of Kenya, Langat and her team of 3 have set out on a mission to provide quality bras and underwear to Kenya’s largely under serviced female population. Bereft with concern when a family member contracted a mysterious skin infection after wearing a bra purchased through the secondhand market, Langat was determined to provide new and supportive undergarments to her fellow Kenyans. Much of Kenya’s intimates market is either priced out of affordability for most Kenyans, or is supplied by a secondhand market. The quality and health concerns associated with the secondhand market are troubling, as Stella can attest, and virtually no one knows their correct bra size. Many of the higher end stores only carry smaller sizes, forcing many women to eyeball their size or resort to the secondhand market. When high school friends Charity Migwi, Millicent Njoroge and Constance Tipis ran the idea of a quality bra company by Stella, she was eager to hop on board.

What originally started out as a casual proposition has become Double Dees, an entirely student operated, Kenyan company, set out to disrupt the market and put an end to intimates concerns. Now in its second year, Stella and the team have been hard at work securing funding through competitive grants and introducing Double Dees to African women. Recently, they’ve won $20,000 in the Kenneth A. Freirich Business Plan Competition and an additional $2,000 from the Harvard Undergrad Women in Business Innovation competition, which they plan to put towards driving down production costs. They aim to carry larger sizes (32C-56FF) and price their bras at around $12-15, to keep them affordable, while providing the best quality and sizing available. Double Dees is currently working with Asian suppliers to keep costs low, but hopes to move operations to Kenya in the future and provide jobs to Kenyan women. They plan to distribute primarily online, as well as in several established retailers, and a flagship store.

As if Double Dees wasn’t fabulous already, the company also pledges to support the education and accessibility of menstrual products to girls. $1 of every bra sale goes toward assisting efforts to educate girls about their periods and help provide menstrual cups and sanitary towels to girls in need. Double Dees helps combat the lack of resources forcing many girls to miss school days and to empower all women through their mission and products.

Coming up, Double Dee’s is set to launch their cornerstone nude bra in December, and is in designs for a sports bra line for next year. We are certain this company is on a rocket to success and can’t wait for them to make their splash on the market!

“Stand up for what you believe in and network as much as you can. Empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of a whole society and to improved prospects for the next generation.” -Stella Langat

Rebecca Minkoff x Empowered By You

With great spirit and cheer (just in time for the holidays) we are proud to announce our newest partner, Rebecca Minkoff! Chiefly known for her in demand bags and on trend insights, the designer teamed up with us to create a powerful three panty set to add to her growing modern apparel line.

The unique and exclusive Rebecca Minkoff designs come in a sleek and eco-friendly box, perfect for stuffing stockings or pairing with a latka. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving with 20% of net profits going toward empowering women out of poverty and into business via microfinance. Something you can feel good in and feel good about!

The perfectly packed trio hits Rebecca Minkoff in stores and mid-late November 2015, retailing at $65.00. Treat a friend or treat yourself!


First Female President for Nepal

In a notable herald of changing South-Asian politics, Bidhya Devi Bhandari has been elected the first female president of Nepal. She replaces Ram Baran Yadav, whose 2 year term that started in 2008 was prolonged due to extensive negotiations in drafting the new constitution. Ms. Bhandari has campaigned for democracy since her teens, leading protests that brought an end to a 240-year Hindu dynasty and ousting the last King Gyanendra, in 2006-2008. She has long been favored for the figurehead presidency as Nepal tries to shift from a male-centered culture to one inclusive of women. She has been accredited with influencing sections in the constitution that require 1/3 of Parliament to be comprised of women and either the Vice-President or President be a woman in all future elections. Though Nepal is a communist country and Bhandari will not act as President in the traditional sense, the election shows considerable moral changes in Nepal’s journey to equalizing the gender gap.

Go Shorty Go and EBY Team Up to Empower Petites

We’re thrilled to lend our support to Go Shorty Go, A Photo Campaign Highlighting Petite Women Through Fitness.

Go Shorty Go was born out of Sage Kirwan’s frustrations at the lack of petite women represented in the media and fashion industries. Sage has interned for us and started the first Paradigm Shifter group at NYU. Through her photo campaign, she hopes to display the beauty of petite women in all their diverse shapes and sizes, through the medium of fitness.

“This campaign seeks to showcase the strength of the women we photographed and prove that #petiteispowerful. We have all these tall, slim models ingratiated in every fashion ad and Hollywood ideal. While all women are beautiful, it is time to recognize that many ladies proudly stand at 5’5″ or shorter.”

Go Shorty Go seeks to change the way women view their body and beauty ideals. Through a collaboration with Empowered by You, GSG’s first photoshoot featured petite models wearing EBY underwear, helping draw attention to both the causes of microfinance for women in poverty and showcasing vibrant petite women. The photos show real women with real bodies, who are happy, healthy, intelligent and beautiful. To keep in line with Empowered by You’s social campaign, each model chose a word or phrase that empowers her. The results? A totally fresh look on the the women who were told they could never be models, never reach the top shelf and never intimidate anyone. Because as Shakespeare wrote, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Check out all of the images at and follow them on Instagram @gsg_campaign.
Keep up with EBY @empoweredbyyou







We’re Brilliant !

EBY Entrepreneur

Hey everyone, long time no see…or long time no blog? Anyways, we’re back with very exciting news (drumroll, please).

Empowered By You has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as one of “100 Brilliant Companies”! The list is meant to showcase 100 companies (who could’ve guessed!) that Entrepreneur found to be trailblazers in their field in 2015. It’s pretty awesome to be mentioned alongside other catalysts for social change like Frog Design, EveryLayer, ePantry and so many more impactful companies. It’s always nice to know that there are other companies using their resources to empower others.

Here’s what Entrepreneur had to say about us:
“Twenty percent of net proceeds from the lingerie brand Empowered by You goes to the Seven Bar Foundation, which offers microloans to help impoverished women in multiple countries go into business”

Check out the full article for social impact companies here.
Til next time!