Welcome to the Inaugural Blog of Empowered By You!

Empowered By You is pleased to welcome you to our first of many blogs! As the leading provider of Designer Lingerie for women, we launched this blog in order to better engage with clients seeking both high-quality women’s wear and a chance to make a positive difference in the world.

This professionally written blog will be updated regularly to provide you with useful information on our products, specials, company initiatives, and other relevant information that no conscientious consumer should be without. Stop by regularly so you can learn about our popular and comfortable Designer Panties, and how your patronage can benefit a great cause.

That’s because 20 percent of our net profits from sales goes directly to empowering women through the Seven Bar Foundation, a nonprofit that provides microfinance loans to countless underprivileged women seeking self-reliance and a better life for themselves and their families. When you buy our high-quality lingerie, you’re helping women climb out of poverty and into self-sufficiency through sustainable loans. We hope to contribute $1 million to this cause by 2015.

So explore our sleek and navigable website so you can learn more about how make a difference while you acquire supreme comfort and convenience. Our About Us section will provide you with more information about our company, mission statement, and humanitarian cause. Our innovative Shop page allows you to clearly view our extensive selection of lingerie exactly as they’d be worn, along with a detailed product description. You can view our list of stockists around the country; see our features in the press; and even sign up for an email newsletter.

Empowered By You was born from a desire to provide lingerie that provides style without sacrificing comfort. We see lingerie as inner armor for outer empowerment, and believe that every woman should be able to harness this same sense of liberation, no matter the source. It doesn’t matter who it is, or what it is, because what empowers you, empowers women everywhere.

We hope you enjoy our website and all the great updates we’ll be posting regularly. To learn more about us or our products, email us at connect@empoweredbyyou.com.